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If you are looking for a safe and secure web-based email service, you cannot go wrong with ProtonMail. We are here to provide you all the ProtonMail login and ProtonMail sign in guide step by step. This encrypted email service was created by researchers associated with the CERN research facility in Switzerland. The credit for the creation goes to Jason Stockman, Wei Sun and Andy Yen who unveiled ProtonMail in 2013.

ProtonMail sign up is a simple affair even though it offers state-of-the-art security for data and information. Any data that is transmitted using ProtonMail is sent in encrypted format, giving peace of mind to users.

Features of ProtonMail

The main attraction of ProtonMail perhaps is the end-to-end encryption it offers. Hence, there is no way third parties can decrypt your emails. Also, any email you send cannot be shared with a third party.

Some of the features of ProtonMail that make it a unique web-based email service are as follows:

  • All anonymous emails are blocked
  • The end-to-end encryption ensures users enjoy 100 per cent protection when sending and receiving information
  • Users can change settings to allow just primary emails to come into their inbox
  • User enjoy spam filters
  • After a fixed period of time, emails self-destruct
  • ProtonMail makes use of dual-password system. One is used for ProtonMail login and the other is used for opening the mail box
  • There are mobile app for Android and iOS devices

This email service offers the type of protection and security that conventional email services are unable to provide.

ProtonMail Sign Up Steps:

If you are keen to open a ProtonMail account, here are the steps that will have to follow for Proton Mail signup:

Step 1:

Get onto any browser

Step 2:

Type Proton mail login page in the address bar of the browser

ProtonMail Login

Step 3:

After the ProtonMail homepage loads, check the top right hand corner of the page for Sign Up. Click on it

ProtonMail Login Help

Step 4:

This will open an option where you have to select the type of ProtonMail account you would like. Select the appropriate email account type.


ProtonMail Login Help

Step 5:

Now, fill the form. It is a short form and will not take too much time

ProtonMail Sign In Help

Step 6:

Select your username, password, and recovery email, which is optional. After that, click Create Account. This is where you will also fix your ProtonMail login password and inbox password. So, remember these passwords

Proton Mail Sign

Step 7:

Congratulations! You have successfully completed your ProtonMail sign up

ProtonMail Sign In Steps:

Once you have created your ProtonMail account, here are the steps you need to follow for seamless ProtonMail sign in:

    • Go to Proton Mail Home Page
    • Look for Log In on the homepage. It will be located at the right hand corner at the top of the homepage

ProtonMail Login

    • It will take you to ProtonMail login page where you need to enter your username and password in the fields provided

Proton Mail Login

  • This will take you to your ProtonMail account
  • To access your inbox, type the inbox password

The double security measure keeps your account safe from hacking or unauthorized access.

Now that you everything about ProtonMail login and signup, it is time to open your safe and secure free web-based email account.

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